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 advanced facial aesthetics 


a bit about Dr Pratish

Dr. Pratish has earned widespread acclaim, often recommended by patients who receive compliments on their appearance, attributing their refreshed look to natural causes rather than revealing any aesthetic treatments. Dr. Pratish believes that, in aesthetics, one size does not fit all: every individual is unique and so each treatment plan  is bespokely tailored. He uses his passion for art, creation and design to assist patients to maintain a glowing refreshed appearance, whilst guiding them towards the treatment best suited towards them. 


His reputation is bolstered by his notably gentle approach to injections and a demeanour that patients find reassuring and friendly. He prides himself on developing long-term relationships of trust with his patients. 

Dr Pratish

After obtaining his dental qualification in 1995, Dr. Pratish advanced to become a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. He has both taught and practiced in the Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery department at King’s College Hospital. With a background in facial aesthetics dating back to 2004, his expertise is profound, particularly in sophisticated aesthetic procedures. Furthermore, Dr. Pratish imparts his knowledge as an instructor for the Level 7 qualification in facial injectables, a testament to his standing in the field.


A foundational pillar of his practice is a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy, fortified by a commitment to scientifically supported methods and adherence to best practice standards. With more than 19 years of dedicated service in facial aesthetics, Dr. Pratish actively pursues continuous professional development. He remains at the forefront of his field by participating in a variety of educational events, including lectures, conferences, and webinars. This dedication ensures that he delivers services that are not only safe and ethically sound but also finely tuned to each client's unique qualities, elevating their natural beauty in a personal and distinctive manner.

a selection of services


natural, subtle & personal 

anti wrinkle treatments

anti-wrinkle treatments

the difference you’re looking for

dermal fillers

relaxed, refreshed and restored

dermal fillers


superior collagen stimulation

non-surgical fat dissolving

for stubborn areas of fat

non-surgical fat dissolving



skin rejuvenation with truly exceptional results

skin boosters

revitalise and enhance your skin

skin boosters
treatments for him

treatments for him

tailor made for men

excessive sweating

life changing treatment

excessive sweating treatments
Under eyes and dark circles

under eye area & dark circles
(tear trough area)

look refreshed and rested

Botox ® for clenching
& grinding teeth

Reduce the clinical effects of stress

Botox for bruxism
Enhance facial aesthetics

contact Dr Pratish

Dr Pratish works at The City Medi Spa, a  brand new clinic on Dowgate Hill next to Cannon Street Station.

Feel free to get in touch for more information on treatments, clinic times and to book an appointment 

0208 075 7106

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