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treatment for clenching & grinding

Reduce the clinical effects of stress


Bruxism is the clenching and grinding of your teeth and can be caused by a number of factors including stress, anxiety, medications and sleep issues. The consequences range from having pain in the jaw muscles, poor sleep, broken fillings and teeth and overdevelopment of the muscles leading to a very square and bulky looking jaw.

Only after a thorough clinical consultation, Botox® MAY be offered to relax the muscles involved and hence allow for better sleep patterns, reduce the risk of dental restorations failing and loss of teeth, and slim down the jaw (especially in female patients where a square jawline can look masculine and may have psychological implications). Please be aware that, after the consultation, it may be deemed appropriate that Botox ® is not advised and an alternative treatment may be recommended. 

Dr Pratish has been a qualified dentist for over 29 years and, having suffered from serious consequences from bruxism himself and extensive dental rehabilitation, he is very well placed to help manage this increasingly common clinical condition. 

bruxism treatment summary

time taken

20 minutes


from £485

Duration of effects

4-8 months

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