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non surgical fat dissolving

For Stubborn Areas of Fat

Beauty Treatment

The body stores fat in a genetically predetermined way. Unfortunately some stubborn areas of fat are resistant to diet and exercise. Typically, these areas are the stomach, ‘love handles’, inner and outer thighs, upper arms, ‘double chin’ and chest.


If you are at a healthy weight and lead a generally healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet and regular exercise, then these areas can be helped with non-invasive non-surgical methods, to help sculpt the body. Only after a thorough clinical consultation, treatment may or may not be offered depending on medical, psychological and other factors.

Contact Dr Pratish to have a full consultation and discuss your treatment goals.

non surgical fat removal

non surgical fat dissolving summary

time taken

30-45 minutes

areas treatable

  • double chin area

  • ‘love handles’ area

  • abdomen

  • hips

  • back/inner/outer thigh area 

  • upper arms 


from £200 per session depending on area and number of mls used per session,

recommended 3-8 sessions one month apart

duration of results

Fat is permanently dissolved, however remaining fat cells have capability to increase in size if healthy diet and exercise regime is not followed

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